The tree of problems
Once I hired a carpenter. When he started to do his job, his electric saw broke down. He lost his entire day. On top, his old truck gave up. While I drove him home, he remained silent.

When we arrived at his home, he invited me to meet his family. Passing by a small tree in front of his house, he stopped and touched the tips of the branches with both hands.

When the door opened, there was a transformation. His face turned to a huge smile. He hugged his two small children and gave his wife an enthusiastic kiss.

Back to my car he accompanied me. Passing again by the tree, I was curious and asked him the reason for touching it. Answer
Creative thinking
Imagine driving on a stormy night, passing by a bus stop with three people:

- An old woman who seems about to die.

- An old friend who he saved your life.

- The woman of your dreams.

You only have room for one passenger. Whom would you take in your car? It could be to the old lady, because she will die and you should save her life. Or the friend who saved your life once and you are in debt to him.

However, you may never again see the woman of your dreams. Solution
Let’s Talk
We like difficult challenges, to share problems of others and provide a creative solutions to tackle them.

Perhaps we are not the best ones, but we assure you, that we are different.

Mostly the other always respond the same way to the same issues. We have the obsession to make it simple, economical wise and with original answers. These attributes usually go hand in hand.

If you are tired of the same prohibitive prices and the general disinterest of it your service providers let’s talk. We study your problem with you and propose a proper way to go. Contact