Marketing specialists in anthracite
Global Atac maintains a permanent presence in Latin America through its Peruvian subsidiary of the same name.The experience in logistics management of coal stockpiles in complex areas has allowed it to generate stable and solvent local partnerships in the best anthracite areas in America.

Global Atac has successfully managed to unify areas like operating, marketing and logistics, to become a competitive benchmark for anthracite consumers in Europe.

The proven success of its operations out of Peru brought the support of the major steel suppliers. Maximum product quality, flexibility in supply volumes, grain sizes and customized logistics security have been the key to its growth.

A way forward which is stabilized with the acquisition of mining concessions, shared with local partners and guarantying security of supply, same which is not available to others.  
Thermal coal
The logistics capacity of Global Atac, has allows to solve complex operational supply to high quality coal markets at very competitive conditions.

Under the heading of different niche thermal coal products, we meet the needs of this type of fuel for different uses in Europe.

Keeping a presence along the whole process, we ensure quality standards. Global Atac participates in the work of extraction through local partnerships, manages stockpiles in port header and charters its own tonnage from major shipowners worldwide.